Locus communis

In this page i'll keep some thoughts and notes that are interesting enough to be recorded but not enough to be posted anywhere serious.

I was inspired by kassy's way of making a "misc" page and borrowed some of her code to help me make my script.

19:29 07.03.2022

lately i’ve been playing the portuguese version of wordle and i finally came up with the best words to start the game:


Reading some portuguese cryptoanalysis texts, i found that the 5 vowels and the consonants D, R, M, N and S sum up to almost 80% of the characters in common texts, so all that i had to do was find a pair of words that used all those letters. Hopefully this will make me better at the game

16:01 10.02.2022

fuck it had been too long since i last spent the night studying now i just feel like shit

i guess im getting old

13:33 09.02.2022

i just found out you can serve a directory via http using python with

python -m http.server

I feel like a retard for only figuring that out now

01:02 09.02.2022

My first photo :)


00:49 09.02.2022

Ok it should be at least functional now. I still have some work to do:

  • make sure images work (how?)
  • make a workflow to creat posts from mobile
    • Idea: pc <- syncthing -> some md editor on android
  • improve the shitty design
  • maybe i should split the entries in pages? well maybe ill do it later